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Anwar Bolshakov

Cerberus Professional Guilloche ##BEST##

Inspired by these posts from Aegir Hallmundur, who writes The Ministry of Type, we wanted to explore guilloches. Some of our clients have lately expressed an interest in this archaic but fascinating class of design elements, and we wanted to learn more about them.

Cerberus Professional Guilloche

Googling "guilloche" you'll find many images related to this technique, and even some free or pay apps for these creations. Guilloche Pattern Generator allows you to create a guilloche rosette online, but only exports a low-resolution JPG. Anyway it's interesting to spend some time creating different patterns to understand better the technique:

Other apps such as Cerberus GuardSoft are specific to companies involved in the creation of banknotes and documents, and in this case the price is not published on its website, but is likely higher than Excentro's:

Taking a look to what we have drawn so far, we'll notice that it's giving us some cool results. At this point we have a typical guilloche style pattern, but we'll continue to create more complex forms in this exercise.

Black at 80% gives a smooth look to the seal and brings better integration between shapes. You should try to paint each layer with a different color, because a multicolor guilloche seal is also helpful for counterfeiting prevention due to the prints complexity.

GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked download [pc-mac] +crack _Cerberus_full_software_cracked_download_%5Bpc-mac%5D_%2B_crack.rarGuardSoft Cerberus full softwarecracked download [pc-mac] + crackCerberus Guilloche ScreenshotGuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked + crack downloadCERBERUSis a software product designed for creation of guilloche elementsused f or protection of documents and securities. Replacing thetraditional mechanical guilloche machine CERBERUS allows you tocreate very complex yet controllable gui lloche lines, decorativeand protective guilloche elements, to generate various backgrounds,rosettes, borders, and other guilloche elements with the specifiednumeric parameters. Original mathematical algorithms for guillocheelements crea tion are used to protect your unique design fromfabrication and duplication. Th e elements of design cannot befaithfully copied even with the help of this prog ram withoutknowing the precise numerical values. User creates elements inrealtime mode. Guilloche elements are specified geometrically andare controlled by a number of parameters. This considerably speedsup the process, simplifies furt her modification and saves the timeof the designer. The results are exported to PostScript file andcan be used by any vector editor or make-up program (Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, Corel Draw; etc). CERBERUS has anew multi-windows clear and simple interface. CERBERUS features:high speed and stable operation with adjustable accuracy ofcalculations multi-windows clear and handy interface with floatingtool palettes, possibili ty of running several documentssimultaneously review and control of a guilloche being created,possibility of various para meters real-time editing color support(CMYK model) automatic creation of masks a wide range of basicfigures (Bases) with on-line editing possibility includi ng thoseones imported by the User guilloche wizard an effective tool forfast guilloches creationGuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked +crack download Cerberus Guilloche samplesloading of additionalguilloches sets in guilloche wizard from GuardSoft Guillochelibrary determination of user s functions tree-structured view ofguilloche element multi-staged cancellation of changes operationswith layers and objects without displaying them if necessarycreation of irregular guilloches modulation of guillochesparameters by means of different functions overlaying variousimages on guilloche grids Cerberus Guilloche samplesmultipleoverlaying of effects effect of a embossed image performed by onestep additional plug-in filters export of results in standardPostScript-file improved optimization of an output PostScript-fileprotection against unauthorized access to documents in internalformat brand new mechanism of protecting the program againstunauthorized copying program is protected from an unauthorizedstarting (with the password for st arting and the digital key) andaccess to data files (with the password for open ing and encodingfiles). GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked + crack downloadCerberus Guilloche samplesCERBERUS allows creation the followingelements and eff ects: elements of closed shape rosettes; linearelements borders; protective and decorative grids; backgroundelements surfaces auxiliary elements for creating irregularguilloche grids (starting pattern, for example, grid, is laid overthreedimensional surface specified by the user; as a result a newirregular grid turns out); special effects based on half-tonepattern: 3D-pattern squeezed out from a grid (embossed) shift ofthe grid lines depen ds on half-tones of the pattern; GuardSoftCerberus full software cracked + crack download variable thicknessof lines (overlay of images); reproduction of pattern by means ofmicrotext; different modulations of grid by means of amplitude,phase, frequency, line weight; hatch and engraving effectsrepresentation of half-tone pictures by hatched lines of differenttypes and width; ornament laying of different width lines on eachother; any combinations of the effects. Cerberus GuillochesamplesCERBERUS allows using embedded patterns to create stand ardguilloches quickly. Guilloche Wizard is a set of tools allowingfast and eas y creation of guilloche rosettes, borders, grids andbackgrounds with special ef fects. In practice, Guilloche Wizard isa set of ready-made guilloches with poss ibility for user to modifythe defined parameters. CERBERUS runs on Microsoft Windows2000/XP/Vista PC-platforms. GuardSoft Cerberus full softwarecracked + crack download

Un guilloche es un patrón arquitectónico repetitivo utilizado en la Grecia y Roma clásicas, y en la arquitectura neoclásica así como en los trabajos sobre piedra del cosmatesco medieval, consistenten en dos ribetes enrollados alrededor de una serie de puntos centrales. Estos puntos centrales están a menudo vacíos, si bien pueden contener alguna figura, como una rosa. Guilloche es una precursora del guilloché, llamado así por que los motivos resultantes de la aplicación de esta técnica recuerda a los del guilloche.


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