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Positive Grid - BIAS FX (STANDALONE, VST, RTAS, AAX) Full Version

the ultimate tool for electric guitar tone modification, the bias fx plugin emulates the natural tone-shaping properties of guitar pedals by directly applying a dose of biasing to either your dry signal, or the same signal with un-dryed effects applied. by driving the bias fx plugin as an effect, you can fix all sorts of sonic problems, from sounding overly bright, to losing clarity and body, to sound muddy and thick. even unwanted buzzes and squeaks can be removed, and even minor impairments like too-thick guitar amplifiers and cheap guitar power cords can be corrected. bias fx can also be placed on your guitar to simulate the blend of sound of your guitar, amp, and effects. on top of this are the world's best guitar amp modeling algorithms from our partners at blackbox.

Positive Grid - BIAS FX (STANDALONE, VST, RTAS, AAX) Full Version


bias fx is the world's most authentic and powerful emulation of guitar pedalboards. bias fx allows you to fine-tune your tone by modifying the characteristics of a guitar signal through its various processing stages. bias your input signal, or use our handy bias fx pedals app to bias your entire guitar signal (dry and wet) to simulate the tone-shaping properties of guitar pedalboards and studio racks. all bias fx pedals are fully parameterized and can be adjusted independently on a scale that runs from center to extreme compression, with automatic sound monitoring at the knob. the bias fx system is also very flexible. each bias fx pedal can easily be swapped for a different fx in various combinations, resulting in an endless number of sound variations. bias fx also includes a fully configurable fx section which includes multi-stage di effects, guitar amp models (in the likes of pod, orange, marshall, mesa/boogie, fender, blackstar, vox, and more) as well as classic compressors (tube, api, and band-boost). bias fx also includes an extensive gui for quickly browsing through and adjusting all the various bias fx pedals. along with all of the the processing of the various bias fx pedals, bias fx also includes a comprehensive graphical representation of the pedalboard itself, letting you visualize all the different combinations of bias fx pedals, and how they affect the sound of your guitar or amp!

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