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Edward Ovchinnikov
Edward Ovchinnikov

Fly Like a Bird with Condor Plane Pack 2: The Ultimate Soaring Simulation Experience

condor is a free flying task manager that has a very active and friendly community. because of that, condor is also an app for android and iphone. you can download the apk for android and the ipa for iphone on our website! condor is one of the fastest growing communities in the community. it has been specially designed for easy and fast access to your most used tools. condor uses the task and flight tracking data as input to build a detailed analysis of your flying skills. the results are used to calculate a pilots ranking and the most efficient route to addition to the various race series, the community provides several active community challenges.condor offers a number of rewards for participants in a number of different categories.

Condor Plane Pack 2 Free Download

Download Zip:

the reason why we are not giving away our main source code is because we are currently working on condor3 and are still in the very early stages of development. please keep in mind that this is a hobby project and the reason why it is open source is mostly because we dont have the funds to pay a full time developer.

december 3rd, 2018: condor2 is now officially out and it's a full update to condor2! changes include new materials, textures, decals, some bug fixes, the list of new features is extremely long!well worth the wait. we are still working on condor3 so condor2 is a very stable version. but even though we will not be releasing condor3, we will continue to support condor2 by fixing bugs, updating materials, textures and decals etc. as needed. to this end, we are planning to release at least one new environment, probably more, very shortly. please stay tuned!


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