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Enjoy Far Cry 5: Gold Edition v1.011 5 DLCs Repack (16.5 GB) - The Best Version of the Game

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition includes the Definitive Edition, Season Pass content, and an Epilogue chapter that lets you experience the story of our Survivors without having to finish the game. The Far Cry 5 Expansion Map Pack adds the Lost Valley map, and the Deferred Action map expands on the Vault Hunter experience. Sticker Packs range from Creative Origins, featuring custom stickers that are applied to weapons, vehicles, and outpost walls, to the Year 2 Collection, which contains three stickersone for each year the Far Cry Universe has existed.

Far Cry 5: Gold Edition v1.011 5 DLCs Repack (16.5 GB)

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Far Cry 5 Gold Edition FREE Includes: Set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, Far Cry 5 takes place one year after the original game, where the survivors of a van Damme-esque religious cult called the Project at Edens Gate have taken over the county, and its now teetering on the brink of collapse, with hundreds of cultists still scattered throughout the area. Over the course of five episodes, players will roam the open world through four of the cults available safe houses, and embark on over 40 of the games 50 missions. As Clementine, the daughter of series protagonist Rhys, players must make ethical choices to overcome challenges, explore the environment, and survive the cultists oppressive rules in this tale of morality, survival, and consequences. Players will be able to take on as many scenarios as they can handle during the adventure, with each player having the choice of beginning their story a few days before other players and walking through the adventure a few days before them, or beginning the story a few days after other players have already completed their experience.


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