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The Ultimate Guide to Etta James The Best Of Etta James 2000 FLAC: Songs, Stories, and Reviews

Awards include the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Female Rock Vocalist of the Year and the Blues Hall of Fame, among others. Her contribution to music is significant and lasting. In a way, Ettas unique sound influenced the evolution of soul music. The Easy Listening charts in the early '60s, for instance, saw the emergence of the new soul sound, which evolved to soul music in the 1970s. And the electric guitar and funky beats of some of the Motown Records artists during the '60s paved the way for funk and funk soul, which became staples of the genre in the '70s and beyond. Ettas stirring, raw voice has long had a lasting impact on generations of vocalists.

Etta James The Best Of Etta James 2000 FLAC


For a brief moment in the mid '50s, it seemed as if Etta James could go straight to the top, but the mantle was snatched up by Billie Holliday. Holliday became an immediate star with Nightclubbing, James took second place with Bedevilled and then lost out to Nina Simone and Bonnie Raitt with her Dreams. James soon decided she needed a change, and moved from New York City to Los Angeles, where she found a place in the music community. Her association with the new young Hollywood sound was celebrated in her landmark Chess single It Really Happened.

James emerged from the Motown stable in the mid-1960s with the Chess single Roll With Me Henry, before moving to Atlantic, where she remained until moving to Warner Brothers in the late '60s. For her first two Warner Brothers albums, she kept her successful R&B voice, giving us Otis, Watermelon Man and I Cant Help Myself (Im Lonely) and then delivering Spinning Wheel in 1969, a song which was to be included in the soundtrack for the film The Wild One. I bought the record because I saw the movie and loved the songs. But I didnt think they fit the picture, James told Billboard in 1967.


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