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Kuzma Vladimirov
Kuzma Vladimirov

3mk-314d Dvr Kart Driver

Some of the differences between racing games and simulation games are the focus on gameplay rather than graphics, the rate of travel across a map rather than the topography of a map, the requirement to navigate a certain period of time rather than have an unlimited amount of time to explore, etc.. While the world map on Mario Kart DS was smaller, the world map in Mario Kart Wii is considerably bigger. For example, in Mario Kart Wii the courses stretched to the extreme corners of the Nintendo Land, while in Mario Kart DS the courses were mostly located inside the borders of the Nintendo Land.

3mk-314d Dvr Kart Driver

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The Mario Kart series is a great game, by the way, for both groups of drivers. (If you happen to be a speed demon out there, this can only be a good thing.) The only problem is that it just doesn't offer much in the way of interactive challenge, since it doesn't really test much more than one's ability to drive a go kart at a reasonable pace. One could argue that you might be able to tell that the characters are all wearing their most famous outfits in the game, but the general look is simply kind of a uniform.

The major problem with playing a Mario Kart game on the Zapper is that it looks like the racing action is occurring way up in the air. The top level of the Zapper is when the action is happening right in front of the Zapper, so it looks like the go karts are some distance away from the top. This makes the Zapper feel more like a toy rather than a real racing game.

Overall, it's good to see a Mario Kart game being developed for the Zapper. I like the idea of the Zapper, but really wish it had the ability to tilt instead of not having the ability to tilt.


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