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DAEMON Tools Lite V4.47.1 (with SPTD 1.83 TOP -

if you do not know the files daemon tools, you can test the program before use. click on the program's name in the windows explorer, and click on the daemon tools lite setup option, to start the setup. as soon as the setup is started, the program is automatically installed on the desired target drive and automatically starts. the program's icon on the target drive is displayed in the windows explorer. the program's main window opens. the program immediately displays the information about the target drive and the installed dts file in case daemon tools was installed successfully.

DAEMON Tools Lite v4.47.1 (with SPTD 1.83

this scenario can be averted with daemon tools lite, which includes a virtual scsi driver on your hard disk. this allows to output a file, which has the appearance of the original disc. this, however, is limited to dvd discs, which have a maximum capacity of 4.7 gb. daemon tools lite was originally created to allow older models of dvdrom-drives to work on windows xp as well as vista. daemon tools lite is downloadable as a standard program or as a free gift within the d-tools package. daemon tools lite and d-tools are, however, not compatible with each other. daemon tools lite can also be downloaded as a stand-alone program. you can also activate the virtual scsi driver on the cd-rom with the help of sptd.

the first step is a reboot. this is done after the d-tools has been installed. during the reboot, you must be careful. a message should appear during the boot and a message box should appear which looks like the following: "choose to install one of the following virtual drives: scsi hard drive, scsi cd-rom drive, scsi floppy drive."


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