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Levi Lee
Levi Lee

Facebook Hack Pro Online

facebook is a great tool. i had to use it to get a friend to come to my house to see if i was a fake on youtube. i had some passwords stolen, but nothing too bad. i had to change the passwords for any social sites i had gotten to. i'm surprised at the number of comments on this. my feed has been full of them!

facebook hack pro online


i'm in the same position. i had my girlfriend's account hacked, and was able to get a hold of her password. she changed the password, but the hackers found a way around it. they changed her password, and added me to her friends list. i have since un-friended her. what can you do?

i just got my account hacked, but now i cant change my password. i can't get to my e-mail. i tried to use my password for my e-mail and it won't go in. i cant login to facebook. i don't know how to get access to my e-mail. i'm using windows vista.

it's so embarrassing that i got my girlfriend's facebook account hacked. i found out because she asked my advice about deleting the account. i got her password, and tried to change it, but it wouldn't work. she was away on vacation, and i didn't know how to get in contact with her. i asked a friend of mine who he thinks hacked her, and he told me. i was so mad that i couldn't change the password. i didn't think it was that important. well i changed the password, and posted a comment on her wall about how i should be able to change my own password. then it seemed like a good idea to see how the hacker was using her computer. i'm pretty good at computer stuff, but i've never been able to get into her computer. i did some research, and i found out that it was probably the hacker. anyway, now i want to get in there and find out who it is. it's so embarrassing that i got my girlfriend's facebook account hacked.


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