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Stanislav Suvorov

What is Advanced ApkTool and How to Download and Install it on Windows? A Complete Guide

apktool is a free tool that makes it possible to easily examine and modify the resources and/or smali of applications on android. there are various scenarios where you might want to use it:

advanced apktool download for windows

  • fix a bug in a closed-source (or open-source) apk

  • change a string

  • change a layout

  • decompile and recompile a closed-source apk

  • decompile and recompile a closed-source apk while modifying the smali and resources

  • modify and recompile open-source apk.

i found the tool quite useful for quick changes to an existing application as i was able to decompile an existing application, change the strings.xml file, and recompile the application again to view the changes. how fast the tool performs these actions, though, depends on your device. on my google nexus 6p, decompiling an apk file took around 2 minutes while re-compiling an apk took around another 2 minutes,so i personally wouldnt want to be using apktool from my phone all that often.

  • the manual installation steps to install a framework are as follows. just follow the instructions in manual to complete the installation. open apktool for windows 

  • select "add custom apk" option from the main menu

  • navigate to the folder where you have the custom apk file and select it

  • add a new custom apk package

now as you are sure about your custom apk package and framework package, press build all and the results would be;


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